Robot Shark Mod Apk (unlimited money/diamonds)


do you love animals in general? If so, this Robot Shark Mod Apk for you it will give you the opportunity to play as a real-life shark.
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Are you a shark fanatic? Do you love watching Shark Week and other TV shows about sharks? Or do you just love this animal in general? If so, then this Robot Shark Mod Apk for you. This game will give you the opportunity to play as a real-life shark.

What is robot shark mod apk

Robot shark mod apk is an action game. It’s a game where you can play as the robot shark and destroy all of the bad people in this world. The main goal of this game is to destroy all of the enemies on the screen by using your special powers, which include electricity and magnetism.

The mod that we recommend for you is called “Robot Shark Mod Apk”, which has been downloaded over 500 times since its release date (2018-10-20). If you want to install our latest update, then go ahead and click Download button.

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Gameplay of robot shark mod apk

Robot shark mod apk is a free game. It’s also a combat game, shooting game and action game. This is an action fighting video game in which you will play as the hero who has to fight against evil robots that have invaded his city.

You can choose from different weapons like machine guns or shotguns and make use of them to kill your enemies in this amazing Android release from good developers.

Best robot shark mod apk Features

Robot shark mod apk is a great game. It has many features, and it is also free to play. If you want to download the mod apk, then look down below.

Different enemies and tasks to do

The game also includes a variety of different enemies and tasks to accomplish. You can kill them, collect coins, complete tasks, obtain new weapons and power-ups to help you survive that much longer in the ocean.

Awesome Graphics

The graphics are awesome. A lot of people complain about the graphics in this game, but I really think they’re great. It’s not just me; it’s everyone else who plays this game.

Daily rewards

Daily rewards are given to you for playing the game. You can earn gems and diamonds by completing daily challenges. You can buy new weapons, armor and other items with these gems and diamonds.

Different weapons

The game’s weapons range from melee weapons to ranged ones. These include swords, spears and arrows. Explosives are also available and can be used to destroy your enemies or objects in the environment. This includes mines and grenades!

Specialized units also have their own unique abilities that allow them to do things like heal wounded allies or disarm traps for you.

Open map inculding the ocean

You can find different weapons and items that will help you in your quest. You can also find different enemies to defeat, or tasks for other players to do if you are not interested in the main story mode.

How to download robot shark mod apk

Robot shark mod apk is a game which is developed by [N3twork] and it has been released on iOS, Android and IOS.

The main features of this game include:

  • It includes many different types of robots that you can play with.
  • You will have the opportunity to choose your favorite robot character in the game so you can use him or her during your adventure.
  • This app also allows you to get new items like weapons and shields so that they become stronger than before when playing this game with other players around the world who enjoy playing similar games such as Clash Royale or Clash Royale 2 etc…


Robot shark mod apk is a unique game with a lot of fun to explore. The game has many levels and rewards you with gems. The graphics are really awesome, and it looks like an ocean. This game is totally worth playing if you want to make your time pass faster!



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