Daddy was a Thief Mod Apk (Unlocked Everything)


Daddy was a Thief Mod Apk is a unique action game that you can play for free. You have to drive your car in the highway and collect coins.
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Daddy was a Thief Mod Apk is a unique action game that you can play for free. You have to drive your car through the highway and collect coins. Your goal is to go as far as possible without crashing into other vehicles or objects on the road.

What is daddy was a thief mod apk

Daddy Was A Thief is a game about stealing things. You’re not the good guy and you’re not the bad guy—you just want to steal stuff from other people.

The goal of the game is simple: find all of the items in each area (the levels) and reach the exit door at the end of each level before time runs out or you get caught by guards.

You can collect coins as well as money from robberies, which will help pay for upgrades later on in your journey through different worlds and stages where you’ll encounter more powerful enemies than ever before.

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Gameplay of daddy was a thief mod apk

This game is a great example of how to make a simple game that is fun and addictive. The goal of this game is to steal as much money from your dad, but it requires you to be really careful so he doesn’t catch you in the act. You can play with up to four players at once, which means there will always be someone else around ready for an adventure.

Best daddy was a thief mod apk Features

The best daddy was a thief mod apk is a very interesting game. It has many features that make it different from other games in the market. These features include:

  • You can enjoy playing this game on any device without any problems or issues. If you want to play it on your phone, then there are no problems with that as well;
  • This game gives you the opportunity to explore and experience different places, which means that you will never get bored when playing this game;
  • You can also earn coins by completing certain tasks like solving puzzles or collecting items.

Smashable obstacles

Smashable obstacles are the main obstacle in the game and you can only destroy them by throwing your phone at them.

Crazy power-ups

You can use the explosive balls to smash the enemies and destroy their structures. You can also use your power-ups to survive in a dangerous situation.

Easy to Control

The game is very easy to control, and you can play it easily with a single button.

Multiple tracks

The game has six tracks, with each one having different tasks to complete. Each track will have you racing against the clock and other racers to get your points for winning.

  • Track 1: Bust Out.
  • Track 2: The Big Score.
  • Track 3: Thug Life (Bust Out).
  • Track 4: Payday (The Big Score).
  • Track 5: Speedtrap (Thug Life) and finally…

Different tasks

The tasks in the game are different and challenging. You can use your phone to do them, or you can play with friends over bluetooth. They’re fun, exciting, and enjoyable.

Unlimited money

Money is unlimited. You can use it to buy power ups, items and upgrades.

How to download daddy was a thief mod apk

The steps below will help you install the mod apk for daddy was a thief:

  • Download and open the downloaded file.
  • Tap on “Install” to begin installing it.
  • Once finished, tap on “Done”.


This game is the best game for you to play. If you want to download it, then go on the Google Play Store and download it.



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