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Chhota Beheem is a mobile game that you can play on your phone. This game will teach you how to defend your village from the evil demons.
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Chhota Bheem Game is one of the most popular cartoon characters in India. He has been created by cartoonist and writer Satish Kaushik, who also wrote the books on which many of his cartoons are based. The character became very popular in the 1980s due to his adventurous nature and adventures with friends like Raju, Kabir and Gopi.

What is chhota beheem game?

Chhota Beheem is a mobile game that you can play on your phone. This game will teach you how to defend your village from the evil demons.

The chhota beheem game has many levels and each level has different challenges for the player to complete. The first level of this tower defense game teaches you how to build towers and upgrade them with special abilities like flying, shooting fireballs or exploding bombs when they get near an enemy tower.

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How to play Chhota Bheem game ?

Chhota Bheem is a game that can be played by tapping on the screen. The hero of this game is Chhotaboy. You will have to use your finger to move him and collect coins and gems by tapping on them. Once you have collected enough coins, you can use them in order to buy upgrades for your hero or new heroes as well.

In order to tap on something in Chhota Bheem, make sure that it has been highlighted with red color (by pressing down). If not highlighted with red color then don’t try anything at all because there should be some kind of indication which tells us whether we need to press down first before tapping anything else like coins etc.

Best chhota beheem Game Features

The game features that make it the best chhota beheem game on Google Play Store

  • It has a built-in tutorial that teaches you how to play the game.
  • You can choose from five different types of characters, each with their own special abilities and skills. For example, one character is able to fly while another can throw fireballs from his hands.

Heroes with different skills and abilities

Chhota Bheem is a game in which you can play as Chhota Bheem and his friends to defend the Empire from evil forces. The heroes have different skills and abilities, which are very useful in this game.

In this article, we will discuss about all the hero’s powers that they have in the game:

Multiple tower with various powers and abilities

The game has multiple towers with various powers and abilities. The towers are:

  • Dragon Tower – shoots fire balls, can shoot fireballs in all directions at once or one at a time depending on which power you choose to use.
  • Fire Tower – shoots fireballs in all directions at once or one at a time depending on which power you choose to use. You can also freeze them if they seem too powerful for you or if they are just not doing what they should be doing yet, like when there’s an icecube hanging off of them and it won’t go away because there’s no water in the bucket.

Offline mode

In this game, you can play the game with or without Internet. If you want to play the game on your mobile phone or tablet, then just download it from Google Play Store and start playing.

Compete with friends in the Leaderboards

Compete with friends in the Leaderboards. Collect Power-Ups, grow your army and battle against other players to be number one.

Dozens of interesting in-game levels

Chhota Bheem is a game that will keep you entertained for hours. The levels are challenging and exciting, so you can’t help but want to keep playing them over and over again. The unique gameplay mechanics make this game stand out from other games on the market; it’s not just about clearing levels or collecting coins, but also about finding hidden items and solving puzzles along the way.

There are dozens of interesting in-game levels that offer plenty of content for players of all ages, which means this game will satisfy both casual gamers who want something simple yet fun as well as experts who appreciate challenging puzzles with no easy answers (and they’re probably looking forward to finding those).

Defend your empire

Chhota Bheem is a famous cartoon character in India. The game is based on his adventures and follows his adventures as he protects his kingdom from enemies like evil kings and thieves. You can play this game on your phone or tablet by downloading it from Google Play Store or App store for free.

Final thoughts

If you like the game, then download it. It’s worth it.

We hope that this article has been helpful for you in understanding how to play chhota beheem game on your Android device.

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