You Can Now React To Messages On Telegram With Emoji’s

What is the best way to react to a message on Telegram? With an emoji, of course! You can now express your reaction to messages in Telegram with a variety of different emoji’s.

This is just one of the many new features that have been added by the developers at Telegram this year. They are constantly trying to improve their communications app and give users more ways to interact with others through it – which makes sense considering how popular it has become over time.

Last year, Telegram added Group Video Calls and Animated Backgrounds. In addition to competing with Clubhouse, the audio-only social network, Telegram also introduced Voice Chats 2.0, which gave group administrators and channel operators control over the speaker’s microphone. The update included features similar to those on Clubhouse, such as raising hands to speak, muting users, and adding moderators.

In a blog post on Dec. 30, 2021, Telegram announced the Message Reactions feature. Double-tapping messages will allow users to react with a thumbs-up emoji. Users will have the option to react to messages with alternative emoji such as a smiley face, fire emoji, thumbs-down symbol, and party popper by tapping once on Android and long-pressing on iOS. Each reaction has its own distinct animation displayed on the chat interface. This will make it easier for people to respond and communicate on the app, because they can avoid using words when possible. It also makes it more fun!

However, in private conversations, reactions are always on. The administrators of groups and channels have the authority to enable reactions and select which reaction emoji are available in the chat. This allows for a variety of methods for obtaining feedback – from simple likes to complex surveys.

The Message Reactions feature is available now on the latest versions of Telegram for Android and iOS. To start using it, update your app to the latest version and open any chat. Try double-tapping on a message to react with an emoji! Let us know what you think about this new feature in the comments below.

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