What Are the Best Free Solitaire Games Online?

the best free solitaire games online

Over 80% of American adults own a smartphone of some kind, meaning they’re often finding ways to kill sometimes on their device. An enduring time-killer is solitaire, which remains popular even in the smartphone era.

But what are the best free solitaire games out there today? Which free solitaire games should you try out first?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about the best free solitaire games online sites and apps have to offer. Also, you can check this list of the best free solitaire games for Android.

Brief History of Online Solitaire

Solitaire as a game has been around for many generations. That’s why it’s no surprise that it was included in some of the world’s first home computers as a single-player game.

While the game itself has been around since at least the 1700s, many first became aware of it when Windows 3.0 came with Solitaire back in 1990. It was intended to help newcomers get used to how the computer handles.

Ever since then, Solitaire has been a staple of not just Microsoft’s computer systems, but electronic gamers everywhere. The game’s addicting nature still makes it one of the most well-known online games out there.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy place to place solitaire, Solitr is a great starting option. It’s simple and robust, making it one of the go-to spots for playing a quick game whenever you have time.

You can play a regular game of solitaire, or you can try out different variations. Customization options include letting players turn one or three cards at once and displaying a scoreboard to show their progress.

The site also has Majohng and Sudoku if you’re up for something else. Overall, Solitr’s clean UI and approachability make it a great starting option.

Solitaire FRVR

For those looking for a more modern solitaire experience with customization options galore, then FRVR’s Solitaire is the way to go. This site has one of the premiere solitaire options for anyone looking to get into the game.

Players that want to play classic solitaire with different custom options can do so here. If they want to play Klondike Solitaire, FRVR offers that option as well.

World of Solitaire

Other free online solitaire sites don’t offer as much personalization as World of Solitaire does. Don’t be fooled by its somewhat dated interface. This version of solitaire has plenty of options to offer.

There are over 100 different solitaire variations that you can choose from. The site has a robust list that’s ordered alphabetically, and it includes simple games like Spider Solitaire to Citadel or other obscure versions.


Readers who like playing card games online have probably already head of Cardgames.io. It has a robust list of famous games like Go Fish, but did you know that it has one of the best free solitaire games?

If you want to play regular or Spider Solitaire, Cardgames.io has you covered. Variants like King in the Corner and Yukon are also available. As long as you know how to play, you can play a quick game just like that.

Even newcomers can get a kick out of Cardgames.io’s Solitaire options. There’s plenty of customizability like gameplay speed, themes, and the ability to switch between three- or one-card flips.

247 Solitaire

247 solitaire is one of the best free solitaire games online mobile gaming has to offer. You can play it on both desktop and mobile without any dips in quality.

It might not have hundreds of different solitaire variants, but it still has plenty to offer in terms of variety. It’s simple, it’s quick, and it gets the job done.

That means 247 solitaire doesn’t have a lot in terms of customizability, but do you really need that when you’re just trying to pass the time on a train or car ride? It’s incredible how robust 247 Solitaire is even on mobile.


If you’re looking for free solitaire games that have as much variety as possible, Solitaired is where you want to go. It has over 500 different versions of solitaire, so you’re bound to find something you’ll like there.

It lets you change the game speed and allows for both one- and three-card flips. It even lets players pause a game and resume it later as long as they register.

Do you want to monitor your progress as a solitaire player? Solitaired lets you view your past games to see how much you’ve improved over the course of your time on the site.


Finally, we have Google’s quickplay version of solitaire. If you have access to a Google search engine, you can play their version of solitaire.

Just search “solitaire” in Google and you’ll immediately see a banner with Google’s solitaire and a “play” button ready just for you. It doesn’t try to trick you into thinking it’s more complex than it is, but it’s quite charming.

Despite not having any custom options, Google’s solitaire lets you choose between an easy and hard option. There are scoreboards and a gameplay timer, but other than that it’s pretty straightforward.

Finding the Best Free Solitaire Games Online

Finding the best free solitaire games online is all about knowing what you’re looking for every time you log on for a game. Use this guide to help you find exactly what you’re looking for and find the right fit for you!

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