Surprise: All New Updates & News About Valorant Mobile (Release Date & Trailer)

Finally, Riot Games has announced that its famous FPS game, VALORANT, will be available on your Mobile device. According to our sources, Valorant Mobile will launch on 31 December 2022 in all countries where Google Play and App Store supported.

Valorant Mobile Release Date And More New Informations

Valorant in 5v5 FPS game with the context of futuristic world. The game set in a nearfuture world where the traditional laws of physics are bent in strange new ways. Agents are superpowered operatives with unique abilities that they use to battle for control of the world. So now we will have this beautiful game in our mobile devices so the mobile players can really enjoy it!

As the game developers said, they are not trying to just copy the original game, so you will except a version that more suitable for mobile players because of the mobile hardware is weaker than PC’s, so yeah don’t except to have smoother experience than the original Valorant.


But don’t worry, the game will launch with the main context, characters, maps and modes. And as the original version, the game will be completely for free to download with premium content available as in-app purchases.

Valorant Mobile leaked features

  • The cloud HUD saving option allows you to save up to three different huds in the cloud, so you can access them from any device.
  • The default HUDs are two fingers, three fingers and large buttons.
  • The sniper scope is 2.5x and 5x.
  • The submachine and machine gun scope is 1.15x.
  • The rifle scope is 1.25x.
  • The Marshal is 3.5x.
  • The incendiary grenade is available.
  • Weapons Menu:

Valorant Mobile Size

The size of Valorant Mobile has been revealed weeks ago, so it will be 1.8GB but it is expected to change later

Is Valorant Mobile crossplay?

There is no official word on whether or not Valorant mobile will have cross play features. However, some leakers have suggested that the game will indeed have this feature.

Valorant Mobile is finally coming to our mobile devices! The longawaited mobile version of the game will be available this year. When the game releases, you can download it from here with exclusive mods. !

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