PUBG: New State 0.9.44 Update – What’s New?

PUBG: New State, the highly-anticipated new mobile game from the creators of the popular PUBG franchise, has just released a new update, version 0.9.44. This update brings a host of new features, adjustments and improvements to the game, including weapon and vehicle balance updates, new map and mode options, and more. In this article, we will take a detailed look at all the new changes and updates in PUBG: New State 0.9.44, and provide tips and strategies on how to take advantage of these new features to improve your gameplay.

PUBG: New State 0.9.44 Apk

Weapon Balance Adjustments

One of the major changes in the 0.9.44 update is the adjustment of weapon balance. Several weapons have received changes to their stats, such as increased damage, improved accuracy, and new customizing options. Here are some of the key weapon updates:


The M249 has been increased to 200 rounds, and customizing C2 has made the size of the attachable shield larger. Update on customizing also gives a dramatic performance change.

MK47 Mutant

Players can now add 8x scope in the gun. Customizing C1 has increased the long barrels rate of autofire. C2 Customization will be introduced soon.


Players can now add 8x scope in the gun. The rate of auto fire has increased on customizing the C1 bump stock and open foregrip slot. Increased damage exp has also been added on customizing the C2 Savage barrel and open foregrip slot.


Barrel damage has been increased for SLR, customizing C2 5.56 mm. Increased muzzle velocity has also been added.

Tommy Gun

Increased damage on customizing with C1 long barrel and open slot.

Micro UZI

Increased damage drop-off distance stats with increased range. With increased range through C1 customization, Micro UZI has become more versatile.


Slug damage has increased.


Increased rate of auto fire. This has resolved the low DPS issue, which the gun previously had, despite its high stability.


Shooting speed has increased slightly.

Kar 98k, VSS, M110A1

The Kar 98k, VSS, and M110A1 have received slight damage increases, making them more effective in combat. The Skorpion, on the other hand, has had its damage decreased, making it less of a dominant choice for players.

Vehicle Balance Adjustments

The 0.9.44 update also brings balance adjustments to the vehicles in the game. Several vehicles have received changes to their stats, such as increased speed, improved durability, and new customizing options. Here are some of the key vehicle updates:


The VCabs have had their overall speed increased and maximum speed regulation raised, making them faster and more responsive on the battlefield.

UAZ, Bryan, Electron

These vehicles have had their HP increased and speed decreased, making them more durable but slightly slower.

Dacia, Voltage

The Dacia and Voltage have received slight speed increases, making them slightly faster on the battlefield.

Motorbikes, Motorbike sidecars, Vulture, and Lightning

These vehicles have had their stability increased, making them easier to control and maneuver in combat.

Boat, Aqua Rail, Wave Rider

The boat and other water vehicles have had their durability and maximum speed limit increased, making them more effective in aquatic combat.

Drone Store

The Drone Store has also undergone some changes in the 0.9.44 update. Prices have been lowered and the cooldown has been decreased from 2 minutes 30 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds, making it faster for players to call in for deliveries. However, the durability of the drone has been reduced. Developers plan to conduct additional rebalances in the future, based on player feedback.

Map/Mode Updates

Battle Royale Season 7

The new update also brings in the new Battle Royale Season 7. Tiers will be reset based on the tier of the last season, and there are lots of rewards prepared for players who aim for the top tier. Tier points balance will also be renewed, kill points have been raised and less points will be deducted for early game deaths. There are more advantages for players who adopt an aggressive style of play. Ranking points have less effect and survival time requirements have been decreased. Efficiency of earning Tier Points in Battle Royale matches has also been increased.

More Gameplay Changes

In addition to these changes, the update also includes more gameplay changes. Multi-care packages will now appear in Troy and players can now play Arena in Team Deathmatch. Care Package items will not appear in the center of the arena during Deathmatch and players will be respawned at a random spot after dying. The number of kills required to win a Deathmatch has been reduced to 30 from 40. Maximum combat has expanded from level 50 to 70 and players will be given a gun customizing kit at the end of each level for Deathmatch preset. The Shooting Gallery Ranking has been reset and rewards for the top players have been adjusted accordingly. With these changes, players will have more options for customizing their gameplay and strategies, making the game more challenging and exciting.


The 0.9.44 update for PUBG: New State Mod Apk brings a host of new features and improvements to the game. From weapon and vehicle balance adjustments to new map and mode options, players will have plenty of new opportunities to test their skills and strategies. Take the time to familiarize yourself with these changes and use the tips and strategies provided in this guide to improve your gameplay and take your skills to the next level.

As a reminder, This guide is based on the latest version of PUBG: New State, and updates may change the game mechanics in the future. Keep yourself updated with the latest announcements from the PUBG: New State Team.

In summary, this guide has detailed the new changes and updates in PUBG: New State 0.9.44 and provided tips and strategies on how to take advantage of these new features to improve your gameplay. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, this guide will help you get the most out of the game and take your skills to the next level.


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