How to Play Mobile Legends as a Complete Newbie

Mobile Legends is a fairly new video game where you build up your team of legends and take on other teams. It’s currently the most popular mobile video game in the world, with more than half a million people playing Mobile Legends daily . The graphics are clean and smooth, the gameplay is fun, and the English subtitles make it accessible to everyone. Even if you’re a beginner to video games, you should give Mobile Legends a try; In this article, we gonna talk about playing this game as a complete newbie in three main sections .

The first section should be about,

The basics of playing Mobile Legends


In Mobile Legends, players control their heroes with a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen and buttons on the right. When you first start playing Mobile Legends, the controls will probably be different from the ones you’re used to in other games. You’ll probably have to click each button slowly and carefully, but don’t worry, that’s normal. So here’s what you should do: First, you should get familiar with the control stick. You can move it left and right to move your character, and also up and down to crouch or jump.

You should get used to controlling your character in one direction. Once you get familiar with that, try moving the control stick in different directions to see what makes your character move. Also, you should try moving the control stick in different directions while holding down a button. When you do that, your character will probably attack on the spot. Practice this with many different buttons, and see what makes your character attack in different directions.

2- Types Of Heroes

The objective is to destroy the opposing team’s base, called the “nexus”. To do this, players must first weaken the enemy’s defenses by destroying their towers and inhibitors. There are five players on each team, and each player can control only one hero. Heroes are classified into five roles: assassin, mage, marksman, tank, and support. The five roles are vital to a team’s success, and different heroes are designed to be played in each role.

There are many different types of heroes in Mobile Legends. Each one has their own unique abilities and skills that make them perfect for certain situations. For example, there are two types of archers: ranged and melee. The ranged ones attack from a distance and have powerful skills. The melee ones deal big damage up close. In this section, I’ll teach you how to become a ranged hero. First, you need to decide if you want to be a ranged or melee hero. Melee heroes deal big damage up close, and are excellent at getting that last hit. Ranged heroes can attack from a distance and are great at hitting enemy heroes that are hiding. Before we go into detail about how to play ranged heroes, I’ll go over the differences between melee and ranged. This is the basic structure of a ranged hero build:

What Is A Melee Hero?

In Mobile Legends, melee heroes are similar to tanks. These heroes deal a lot of damage and are tanky as well. There are many different melee heroes..

What Is A Ranged Hero?

As the name suggests, ranged heroes are more about ranged damage than melee. There are three types of ranged heroes: crossbow, longbow, and sniper. A crossbow hero attacks from a distance with a ranged weapon. Longbow heroes attack from a distance as well, but deal more damage at a longer range. Finally, sniper heroes are the ranged heroes with the highest damage output.

How To Play A Melee Mobile Legends Hero

When playing as a melee hero, try not to fight alone. Even though they deal high damage up close, these heroes are extremely squishy. What this means is that if two or more enemies focus fire on you (all attacking at once), there’s a good chance you will die quickly since your health pool is low.

Ranged heroes are easier to play than melee ones because they don’t have to be in the battle all the time. When playing as a ranged hero, use your escape ability to get away from enemies when you’re losing health or just need to flee for your life. With that said, some melee heroes also have escape abilities, so always watch their mana pool before deciding if it is safe to attack. Here are some easy-to-use melee heroes: Taejin (easy damage), Kagura (decent escape ability), and Lancelot (tanky with crowd control).

How To Play A Ranged Mobile Legends Hero

First, you need to choose a hero. The most important thing is that you pick an easy-to-use ranged hero. For example, snipers are more difficult than crossbows or longbows. Here are some examples of beginner ranged heroes: Ashe (crossbow), Hanabi (longbow), and Ana (sniper).

These heroes are great for new players because they don’t require too much skill to use their abilities. Simply put, they have low mana costs and do decent damage. If you want to learn how to play one of these characters, read the section below on items in order to get a basic sense of what your build should be. When playing as a ranged hero, it is important to move around the map in order to avoid enemy attacks. The best place for ranged heroes is in the back of the team. This way, you are far away from most enemies and difficult to hit with basic attacks. If an enemy does get too close for comfort, simply use your escape ability or pull out a melee weapon if you have one available.

How To Play A Mobile Legends Hero Well

As a hero that uses buffs and debuffs , it is important not to let other players know what you’re doing at all times. Try not to stay in one place for too long if possible because this will make your location easily found by players who want to disrupt you and your team. If using invisibility try to use the minimap for navigation so you can get used to using it.

Remember, there are no maps in Mobile Legends so you will need to use the minimap to know where your allies and opponents are located around the battlefield. This is crucial because you never truly know when an enemy player is waiting just out of sight to attack you. Also, try not to push too far into enemy territory without teammates because it might be hard for them to defend you if they’re miles away from your location. Always make sure that at least one ally is with you before engaging in battle with multiple enemies or exploring new areas on the map.

Now I think we should discuss hero roles. For example, tank, support, carry..

Tank Roles: These heroes are usually melee (close range) and also have some form of crowd control (silence or stuns). Their main goal is to absorb damage from their opponents while distracting them enough for other teammates to do significant amount of damage without taking too much in return. The tank role comes into play when team fights starts because they try to block enemy’s attackers (mages or assassins) so that their allies can focus on killing them.

Support Roles: Support heroes aren’t supposed to deal a lot of damage but instead be able to heal allies and provide other kinds of support such as CC (crowd control) provided by stuns or silences. Some support heroes can be aggressive, but it’s not their main role in the team fight.

Carry Roles: These heroes specialize in dealing a massive amount of damage and in most cases also have special abilities that give them an edge in 1v1 duels. They usually don’t have too much health and armor so they do all the damage from a distance, while dodging enemy attacks with ease due to high mobility. Their job is to find good opportunities to deal maximum DPS (damage per second).

Other types and genres of heroes, we gonna talk about it later…

The next section should

Compare Mobile Legends to other mobile MOBAs

Comparing Mobile Legends to other popular mobile MOBAs, such as Vainglory and Arena of Valor, it is clear that Mobile Legends is quickly becoming one of the most popular mobile games available. With its combination of simple controls and fast-paced action, Mobile Legends is sure to please gamers of all ages.

Mobile Legends is more casual than Vainglory and Arena of Valor. It has a more cartoony art style, and its controls are simpler. This makes it more accessible to new players, but it can also be less satisfying for hardcore MOBA fans. The second section should discuss the ecosystem of Mobile Legends. For example, compare the number of bots in Mobile Legends to other games ..

Mobile Legends currently offers three PvP game modes: Team Fight (5v5), Death Match (10v10), and Battle Royale (15v15). These numbers are much smaller than what is offered by other MOBAs like Vainglory and Arena of Valor, which both offer five players on each team during a match. However, even with this number of players in each match, Mobile Legends is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat with its fast-paced action.

This is not to mention that it also offers an AI game mode called “Bot Match” where players can practice against bots of varying levels.

Mobile Legends currently offers more casual game modes than Vainglory and Arena of Valor, all of which are designed for 5v5 play. However, this is not to say that Mobile Legends cannot be enjoyed by hardcore MOBA fans; the game features a Ranked Mode with 15v15 battles, though the playerbase isn’t as large as others MOBAs like League of Legends or DOTA2.

I think Mobile Legends gameplay can be compared to two other popular MOBA games, League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm.

The third and final section should offer

Advices for novice players on how to improve their gameplay

There are many things to consider when playing the game of Mobile Legends. In order to improve your gameplay, it is important to be aware of these factors and apply them to your own games. In this final section, we will offer some advice on how to improve your skills.

– When you get an opportunity to play with a teammate, be willing to make a selfish play in the early game. Your teammate would be better off if you make the first move, so make that first move. This is called “Playing with a brain”. This is an important skill to be acquired.

– If you are not confident in yourself, then always make a play that is too greedy. It will be the beginning of a bad trend in your game, which is called “Playing with greed”.

– While playing alone, try to make plays around minions. For example, when the enemy jungler comes to help the opponent in their lane, you can make a play. If the enemy team is grouped up, then it may be a good opportunity to make an aggressive play. Make Yourself Better Through Practice.

– If you want to improve your game, try and play every day. Try to memorize the number of CS and XP you need to level up. For example, if you want to know how many minions you need to kill to level up a champion, then check out the concept tab in your profile.

– When you are about to lose a game, then look for any opportunity that you can take to win. Try and make plays around the enemy team to make them fight, or if possible, take objectives.

– When you are at level 20, always look at the enemy jungler. For example, if the enemy jungler is going to attack your jungle at level 20, then you can try and catch them off guard and steal their blue buff.

– Listen to your jungler when they call out which camp to go to. If you’re behind, then your jungler will tell you to go to that buff instead of a jungle camp that you can easily take.

– If a gank is about to happen on a lane with over 100 minions, then that means that the enemy laner will most likely kill all of those minions before they can gank successfully. This can be an opportunity for your laner to push the minion wave so it goes closer to their tower. The enemy player would have a hard time trying to catch up with this as you two could easily escape from them with this advantage in movement speed from pushing the minion wave.

– After killing or getting killed, look at how many times you died per game. If your death count is high, then that means you’re a high risk, low reward player. If it’s too low, then congratulations! You have reached the pinnacle of “selfishness”.

– The more kills you get from your team fights, the better chance your team has to win. Try not to look at how much gold you have, instead try and determine if your teams’ composition is strong enough for a victory by looking at other factors such as turrets lives left/how many teammates are still alive.

– After pushing an enemy tower down, don’t go back until both inhibitors are destroyed or there is a huge wave of minions going towards their base. This will help you snowball hard if they can’t defend against large minion waves.

– Use your wards before the enemy team uses their own. If you have a pink ward, then always keep it in mind that the enemy team may have one also.

– Try and avoid being ganked when pushing towers unless your jungler is coming to help out, or if there is no more jungle left for them to farm (which means they will be forced to win lane).

– Always try and take wraiths at level 1.

– After taking down an inhibitor turret, never fight directly next to it as the respawn timer of that inhibitor turret would be 7 minutes. This gives the enemy team plenty of time to come back and defend (unless you’re baron buffed).

– If you are in a side lane, make sure to look at what is happening all around the map. Always try and keep an ear out for any skirmishes going on so you don’t miss out on it.

– Try and avoid being caught off guard by the enemy team as most people tend to look at their lane instead of the whole map.

– If your jungler is ganking a side lane, then make sure that you’re able to push the minion wave under the turret before initiating. This will give your jungler an easier time to kill them with a gank as they would not have much space to dodge away from your jungler or run away from them if they cannot catch up in time.

– Communicate with your teammates via voice chat whenever possible as this will enable better coordination between you and each other, which means greater opportunities for success whether it is in kills or objectives.

– If your jungler puts down a vision ward on the enemy team then make sure to immediately alert your teammates for possible counter ganks or if you can push in their lane because it is dangerous to stay around the bush anymore since an enemy player could be waiting inside, ready to kill you.

– Make sure that you are by some sort of turret when fighting the dragon so that you don’t get caught out of position and die.

– Always keep track on what items your enemies have bought. This will give you an idea about how strong they are against champions who are weak early game but get stronger late game. For example, if the enemy team has two defensive items for whatever reason, then try not to pick a champion that needs more time to scale into the late game or risk going out of control every fight.

– Make sure that you’re laning against someone who is not a threat at early levels before trying any fancy plays unless it’s a guaranteed kill. This is because wasting mana on risky plays even if it results in being successful might cost you hundreds of gold because you are not able to gain as much CS as possible.


If you’re looking for a MOBA that lets you play with your friends and offers plentiful opportunities to improve, Mobile Legends is the game for you. The controls are easy enough to learn in just a few minutes, but they can be difficult to master; there’s no harm in playing against bots or other players who aren’t as good at the game yet either. You’ll also find plenty of heroes and strategies available so it won’t get old quickly either. To round out this blog post we offer some advice on how novice players can improve their gameplay.

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