Netflix adds HDR and HD support for 2021 Pixel phones

Netflix is a well-known streaming service that most likely won’t be able to stream high definition videos on your new phone. Instead, you have wait for them add support and update their app so it can play nicely with what google offers through Play Services.

Netflix has announced that all of Google’s 2021 Pixel phones, including the new 5a and 6 series as well as last year’s models like pixel 3 can now stream video in high definition (HD) or full bandwidth dynamic range colors on supported content. The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro have only been out since late 2021, but the 5a launched in August, and it’s just now getting HD Netflix. Support might have appeared previously without an announcement, but now it’s official.


Streaming Netflix over a cellular connection can limit your video quality. The newly enabled features are only available to those with an unlimited plan or Wi-Fi, so be sure you have either one of these before attempting this move! To enjoy high-quality video on Netflix, you need to be a member of their middle tier service which costs $16 per month now. HDR is only available with higher 4K plans and recently increased from its previous price at 20 dollars monthly!

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