How To Make Millions of Eddies in Minutes in Cyberpunk 2077

how to make eddies, How To Make Millions of Eddies
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Despite sales of the game slowing down, Cyberpunk 2077 has still sold over 18 million copies since its launch, including 4 million+ in the past year.

Now that the game has been out for a while and has continued to receive developer support, you may have finally picked up Cyberpunk for yourself. But some aspects of the game early on can be confusing, especially when it comes to making Eddies.

If you’re wondering how to make Eddies in Cyberpunk 2077, keep reading.

What Are Eddies?

What are eddies? Eddies are the game’s in-game currency.

As of this writing, the latest Cyberpunk 2077 update, the Edgerunners Update (Patch 1.6) has patched and solved many of the exploits previously used to make eddies quickly.

As a result, the best way to currently make Eddies is to just play the game. Do the missions. Scrap any items that are under $100 and sell anything over $100.

If you have a netrunner build, hacking can earn you a lot of money.

What if I Haven’t Updated My Game?

If you haven’t yet updated to Patch 1.6, you can take advantage of previous exploits.

One exploit the patch fixed was about the selling price of the Target Analysis mod. This required the use of Charles Bucks, a ripperdoc in the game’s Kabuki neighborhood, as well as a nearby weapons dealer. Prior to the patch, a player could purchase the Target Analysis crafting mod, and then buy as many crafting components as they could from the nearby weapons dealer.

Repeatedly crafting the Target Analysis mod led to huge sales, with each one having a selling price of 781 Eddies. Stepping outside of the store and time skipping ahead led to the merchant’s stock being replenished.

However, after the patch, the Target Analysis mod now sells for only 100 Eddies a piece.

Should I Update to Patch 1.6?

Even though the existing Eddie exploits have been fixed, it’s still recommended that you update to the latest version of the game. Many other bugs and quality-of-life improvements have been patched in.

For example, sniper rifles have been rebalanced to be less powerful and unable to one-shot enemies – unless you have invested in the sniper skill. The sniper perk is a stealth skill type and requires a level 9 cool stat. Pair it with perks like Silent and Deadly (+25% damage by silenced weapons when sneaking) and Strike From the Shadows (+15% critical chance while sneaking) to spec an awesome assassin.

Other improvements include the ability to preview an item on V before you buy it, new hairstyle options available during character creation, and numerous fixes for bugs that occurred during open-world gigs.

Finally, Patch 1.6 introduces playable arcade games, including an auto-runner called Roach Race.

This Is How to Make Eddies in Cyberpunk 2077

If you haven’t updated your game to the latest version and want to make Eddies fast, hold off. CD Projekt RED has been patching Cyberpunk 2077 consistently, so existing exploits about how to make eddies have been patched out of the game.

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