Bubble Shooter and Other Games Available on MPL

Online games of different varieties are played by tons of individuals online, including racing games, sports games, first-person shooter or FPS games, etc. Besides all the other categories of games, puzzle and arcade games are two categories that receive immense love from gamers thanks to their simple yet captivating features.


Thanks to the global demand that puzzle and arcade games have, there are numerous online platforms that offer enthusiasts the option to indulge in such games. One fine example is The Mobile Premier League or MPL platform. It is a highly reputed online gaming platform that offers numerous types of online arcade and puzzle games.


This article will shed light on some of MPL’s best puzzle and arcade games. Let us begin:


  • Bubble Shooter


The classic bubble shooter arcade game is wildly popular among the masses thanks to the game’s simple yet interesting features. Although there have been many iterations of the game in the past decade, the online bubble shooter game on MPL’s official application allows players to experience the game in the most immersive way.


The exceptional online arcade game is very simple to play. The primary objective of players is to shoot bubbles through the cannon present at the screen’s bottom and clear the clusters of bubbles attached to the ceiling.


Like all other games featured on MPL, the online bubble shooter game is known for its beautiful visual elements and smooth animations & graphics. The best part is that interested individuals do not need to download Bubble Shooter app separately i.e., they can gain access to it by downloading MPL’s official application.


  • Block Puzzle


Besides Bubble Shooter, Block Puzzle is another top-notch puzzle game featured on MPL. In this online iteration of the brain-teasing game, players are required to arrange differently-shaped blocks on a 9×9 grid. The main goal of players is to clear as much space as possible by placing similar-colored blocks together to vacate space for newer blocks.


The more blocks a player clears, the more points they earn. The iteration on MPL retains all of the classic elements of the classic block puzzle game but manages to offer players a unique and refreshing experience, thanks to its immersive graphics and animations. Besides this, the game also comes with numerous interesting game modes, including the fan-favorite multiplayer mode.


Players can indulge in intense matches against their friends or family members using the multiplayer mode. In addition, the block puzzle game on the MPL app comes with an elegant interface, which assists players in navigating through the game and exploring its offerings.


  • Build Up


Like Bubble Shooter and Block Puzzle, MPL features another exceptional puzzle game called Build Up. As opposed to the 2-Dimensional playing fields that similar games like Tetris feature, the online Build Up game available on MPL has a 3D playing field, which significantly enhances the gaming experience of players.


The main objective of players in Build Up is to place blocks on top of each other in the most compact way possible. Besides being highly entertaining, the top-tier puzzle game on the MPL app tests players’ vision besides their reaction time.


The seamless graphics and animations, paired with the brilliant point system further enhance the game’s credibility. Thanks to its exceptional gameplay features, Build Up is one of the most loved puzzle games on MPL’s official application.


  • Fruit Slice


When it comes to arcade games, the Fruit Slice game on the MPL application is a prime example of how fun and entertaining they can be. It is perfect for individuals who wish to indulge in a skill-based online arcade game. The main aim of players in this fun game is to slice the maximum number of fruits appearing on the screen in a limited time.


The game continues until a player misses hitting or slicing three fruits. The more fruits a player slices, the more points they earn. In the fast-paced arcade game, players are required to remain agile and active. Besides indulging in the classic game mode, players can also play in tournaments to compete against other players.


The game’s controls are very easy to learn and get used to. All a player needs to do is swipe on their smartphone’s screen to cut the popping fruit in half to earn points. Overall, the Fruit Slice game on the MPL application is a robust arcade game that every enthusiast should check out.


  • Fruit Dart


Fruit Dart is a highly entertaining online arcade game featured on the MPL app. The game is loved by thousands of arcade game lovers thanks to its exceptional features and gameplay. In the game, players are required to slice any fruit that appears on the screen. To do so, they need to throw the in-game knives at them.


Besides being fun, the game tests the hand-eye coordination of players. In addition to trying to hit fruits, players also need to prevent themselves from hitting bombs that pop up along with the fruits.


The game is filled with exciting in-game elements, such as power-ups, which further enhance the game’s overall appeal. Players can choose to play 1v1 matches or indulge in tournaments to compete against others. To conclude, MPL’s Fruit Dart game is a must-try for arcade game lovers.


MPL is home to many of the best online games belonging to different genres and categories. Any individual who loves playing online arcade and puzzle games should check out the aforementioned ones for a great time.


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