Best Backup and Restore Android Apps For Easy Data Backup

Android is a great platform because you have so many options for apps to use. One of the most important ones, in my opinion, is an app that allows you to backup and restore your data. You never know when disaster will strike, but with one of these apps installed on your phone it won’t be too difficult to recover all of your precious information from a previous backup! In this blog post I’ll review best 5 Backup And Restore Android Apps For Easy Data Backup.

Helium – App Sync and Backup

This app is really great because it backs up your phone to cloud storage, which can be accessed from other devices or computers with access to those clouds. But it’s not free on the Play Store!

CallApp: Caller ID & Recording

If you just want a simple way of backing up your contacts, this is the app for you! Contacts+ backs up all your contacts to your device’s internal storage or SD card, and it’s totally free!

Titanium Backup

This app backs up everything on your phone – system data, settings, etc. It’s not free ($5), but it might be worth the investment if you can’t live without your precious data!

Google Drive

One of my favorite backup apps is Carbon – App Sync and Backup . Not only does it back up all your app data, but it also has an option to sync with other devices (including computers) so that you always have the latest versions of your backed-up files. And like Helium, it’s free!

All Backup & Restore

This app isn’t actually an app, but a full-featured backup solution that requires root access. You can create your own system image or pick from pre-built ones for popular phones/tablets (like the Nexus line of devices), and it’s all stored on cloud servers so you have fast access no matter where you are!


That should more than cover every type of user out there looking for some way to protect their data. If any other apps catch your eye be sure check them out in the Play Store before installing though – not everyone has had nothing but positive experiences with these particular programs; But, although backing up files on your phone means they’re safer from loss or damage, it doesn’t protect them against common issues like theft or accidental deletion . So no matter how many safety nets you have installed on your device I still recommend having some type of off-site backup as well (like those cloud storage backups I mentioned earlier).

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