5 amazing Android apps you should buy during Christmas discounts

So, one day is left for Christmas, which means that many products are offered for sale in the field of books, clothes, electronics, games and even Android applications in Google Play Store. We at Apk Ticket have listed out the best 5 Android apps on sale this Chrismas. As always, We have highlighted all of the interesting titles in bold in order to make discovery easier. So without further ado, here are the best apps on sale now!

1- Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime is one of the most beautiful, professional and oldest Android launchers that TeslaCoil Studio has been working on professionally for several years, and in the opinion of most of my friends and even myself, it is one of the best launchers. And its popularity can be attributed to its really high level of personalization!

This wonderful launcher will allow you to customize the phone interface and you will be able to apply unique graphic changes to your device.

Also, you can add an unlimited number of widgets and pages; But what I like, the most in this app, is the ability to hide the games and apps installed on your phone; Beside that, Nova Launcher Prime has a powerful backup/restore function. Nova Launcher Prime is on sale now, you can get it from Play Store for 1$(-75%).

2- BuzzKill 

This app allows you to see the notifications you want to see when you want to see them and filter out those you don’t. So with Buzzkill, you won’t get buzzed multiple times when someone messages you multiple times in quick succession, also, you can swipe away any notification you don’t want to see without hiding all notifications for that app; Or you can choose the remind me option to get reminded later by this notification;

This application with this amazing features, installed in more than 5000 device, and now BuzzKill is on sale in Play Store. ($2.49 -> $1.49)

3- Star Walk 2 – Night Sky View

If you’re into astrology or astronomy or anything of the sorts this is a very cool app that maybe for you. Star Walk 2 is a freemium app, meaning you can download it for free and get a lot of features, but it does have some pro features that you should pay to get it. Like this premium version, Night Sky View, it will allow you to explore the stars at any time and place, find planets and learn about other sky objects.
Also, you can identify objects in sky by using this app, Star Walk 2 is a great astronomy tool to identify objects on the map of the stars and planets in real time.
This app, is on sale (ends in 7 days), you can get it for 0.99$ ($2.99 -> $0.99). 

4- Money Manager

Everyone has a personal income and expense according to their job and work activities. Sometimes high expenses make us unaware of what our money is spent on, which in itself delays some success in life. The best suggestion for monitoring these costs is to use Money Manager app because it’s allows you to keep track of expenses, optimize costs, and increase revenues.

Money manager is also on sale. ($3.49 -> $1.99)

5- Default App Manager

This amazing application greatly simplifies the command execution process on Android devices and helps you experience a quick access for your files. One of the best features available is the ability to define apps for any type of file; So that to play music, you only need to specify an app so that if you select your files in the file management system, there will be no problem.

You can get Default App Manager for 1.49$ from Google Play Store.


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