Some Android battery settings you need to change now

Nowadays, the phone has become one of the basics of living, and its users are looking for battery quality above all. This is to allow it to be available for a long time without charge. But, what many do not know, is that some habits and some settings can benefit your phone battery incredibly. That is why, we want to talk to you  about some awesome Android battery tips that are going to save your phone battery life.

1- Preferred Network Type

We want to talk to you  about some awesome Android battery tips that  are going to save you battery life. They really  work, and the first one has to do with 5G, (Preferred Network Type) so, this is a feature  that’s not available on every Android. It depends on your carrier. So if you don’t see this on your Android, nothing’s broken. Go to the next  step, it’s a carrier thing. So here is the tutorial to do that!

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Why? Does your area have good 5G? If it does,  maybe you can leave this as 5G. If it’s spotty,  LTE. This is a battery video, not a 5G video,  but Preferred Network Type is just as much about battery as it is about speed and connectivity.  So, since LTE is so much more built out than 5G  is at this point, it’s not only faster but just  having your phone connected that one network type  is going to save you a lot of battery life.

2- Enable Dark Mode

Next, we’re gonna talk about some display settings. Here on our Samsung Galaxy S21, as you can see in pictures. All you need to do is go to settings and tap on display, and change it to Dark  Mode. It makes sense, if your screen is darker,  it’s putting out less power.

Explore photos for tutorial

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3- Motion Smoothness

Next, on Display settings page, tap on Motion Smoothness, this has to do with the refresh rate on your phone’s screen. So, it can go all the way up to 120 hertz to make things look really smooth. But by default, it’s going to be 60 hertz. Turn this off. Your processor is going to do less  work, it’s going to save battery life. So change it from “Adaptive” to “Standard”.
change it from “Adaptive” to “Standard”.
change it from “Adaptive” to “Standard”.

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