8 signs of mobile phone hacking! Find it and save your information

Stealing mobile information is a nightmare for smartphone users! As you may know, hacking an Android device is not difficult because of technological advancement. So How can you prevent it? In this article, we will introduce 8 signs of mobile hacking and solutions for how you can avoid it.

Signs of mobile hacking

Why do cybercriminals want to hack your phone?

Nowadays, almost everything is possible to hack; Hacking mobile devices can be done for various goals, but most of the time, the main purpose of hackers is to access your personal information and files.
So like many other people, you must have important information on your phone. Now imagine another person having access to all of it! Mobile phone hacking can be done for other purposes, such as tracking or even blackmailing you! But is there a way to find out if our phone is hacked or not?
The good news is that when someone hacks your phone, they leave signs. Knowing those signs can quickly prevent the theft of your information and prevent the hacker from achieving what he wants; So here are the 8 signs of mobile phone hacking. These signs can be both hardware and software.

Hardware signs of mobile phone hacking

Let’s start with the signs that appear without opening the phone, as they are mostly related to the phone’s battery and unusual activities while you are not using your phone.

  • The phone is getting hot for no reason.

An apparent reason indicates that your phone has been hacked is related to the strange and unexplained heating of the device’s body. It is completely normal for the phone to heat up when you are running heavy apps or games, but if you see unexplained heating up when you are not using your phone, you are facing a threat to all your information.

Because when your phone is hacked and data is being exchanged in the background, the phone’s processor will be working, and this will cause the device to heat up without you using it.

So don’t ignore your phone or tablet heating up for no reason, and pay special attention to this issue.

  • Phone restarting for no reason

Another sign of the presence of an intruder on your phone is the constant turning on and off of the phone for no reason! If your phone has been restarting automatically for a while, know that something bad may be waiting for you!

  • Noise in calls

Some malware designed to spy and hack your phone, mainly to record your calls, will make a strange noise and jam your incoming and outgoing calls! If your calls have an unusual noise you haven’t experienced before, be alert; this can signify that the phone has been hacked!

Software signs of mobile phone hacking

Now, we will talk about these signs that appear while you are using your phone.

  • The phone is too slow

Of course, the slowness of your phone does not always mean that the device is hacked because all phones slow down over time with the increase of using its memory, which is entirely normal. But the excessive slowness of your phone can be one of the signs that your device has been hacked, and your information can be stolen. The slowing down of the phone can be one of the signs of hacking when it is sudden and without reason.

For example, yesterday, there was no slowness while using your phone, but since today, with the installation of a new app, the performance of your phone has slowed down so bad! In this case, the slowness of your device can be one of the signs of hacking. So take it seriously!

  • Suspicious activities in your SMS messages

This is one of the most potent signs that your phone has been hacked; If your phone automatically sends an SMS to any number, be sure that this process is very suspicious! And even receiving strange text messages without noticing them at all can be a sign that your device has been hacked, especially when it comes to sensitive messages (Like banking, resetting passwords)

  • Automatic installation of apps

Applications on your mobile device should not be installed without your permission; if this happens, you will undoubtedly face suspicious activities on your device. So you should take that so seriously too.

  • Unusual use of mobile data

Hacking phones tools are based on the internet; They use the internet to steal information and files. So, when your phone is hacked, it will be an increase in internet usage because of the information and file that is uploaded to the hacker.

If you notice this sign, it can threaten your phone and data.

  • Unwanted sites open automatically

Imagine using your phone, and the device’s browser automatically opens and directs you to a specific site. Be sure that in this situation, there is a severe problem with your phone, and the possibility of hacking is high!

Please note that the existence of these signs is not the definitive reason your phone has been hacked, and your phone may have these signs of hacking but has not been hacked. We advise that if you find a few of these signs on your mobile, quickly visit a mobile repair expert!

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