7 Tips for Playing a Free Cell Solitaire Game Online

free cell solitaire game online

Most people who play solitaire know about the game’s classical form. This version of the game lays seven columns of cards on the tableau. There are fifty-two cards in total.

However, there are several other forms of free solitaire that exist. Some of these variations include spider solitaire, pyramid solitaire, Tripeaks, and free cell. In particular, free cell solitaire has become a popular alternative to classic solitaire games.

Out of all the variations of solitaire, free cell has some of the highest odds of winning. Its rules rely more on skill than luck.

So, how can you play the best free cell solitaire game online? Fortunately, we can give you some tips! Read on to find seven tips for playing a solitaire free cell game online.

1. Learn the Rules of Your Free Cell

The first step in playing any version of solitaire is learning the rules. Unfortunately, many people ignore this step when they play free solitaire games online. They often imagine that a single-player card game is easy to win.

However, unfamiliarity with the rules can lead to drastic mistakes in your gameplay. So, learn the rules thoroughly as you play.

Once you know the rules, you can determine your goals. In free cell solitaire, the final goal is to have four cells of 13 cards, each containing an Ace all the way up to a King.

2. Carefully Analyze the Tableau

The word tableau refers to your playing space. This place is where you will arrange your card cells.

Analyze this space before you begin moving cards. What areas seem like they could provide some difficulties? These include places with Aces and low-number cards buried underneath the tableau.

Next, plan out your strategy for moving the cards. Remember, never move a card without a goal in mind.

3. Reveal and Move the Aces

The next step is to try and get your Aces and twos moved to appropriate places. If these cards remain buried under other cards of higher rank, try to free them as soon as possible.

Then, move these cards to their home cells. This strategy gives you a rough sketch of how to move the other cards in your cells. Also, bear in mind players should arrange cards in ascending order.

When other cards block your Aces, it might be hard to advance in this game. You may need a fresh start on your free solitaire game.

4. Keep Your Free Cells Empty

A free cell solitaire game gets its name from the so-called “free cells.” These are empty card columns that give you extra maneuverability in the game.

Having several free cells can give you a plethora of movement options. You can capitalize on these options to create the cells you need to win.

However, moving your cards can quickly become challenging when you only have one or two free cells. It helps much more to have several options available. So, avoid placing cars in your free cells unless it’s necessary.

5. Create Empty Tableau Columns as Fast as Possible

As you can tell from the last section, free cells carry significance in this game. However, empty columns are perhaps even more critical to success in these free solitaire games.

Why are these columns so important? The short answer is that you can place entire sequences into these columns instead of a single card. It also doubles the length of your suits so you can move around the tableaus.

From there, players can fill in columns with several descending sequences. For example, they could place a sequence that starts with a King and descends to an Ace. Alternatively, you can place card sequences arranged in differing colors down the column.

These columns give you additional freedom in the game. A tableau column with a complete sequence and no cards above it leaves the column free for the rest of the game. These cards will no longer block cards of lower ranks that the player must free.

6. Move Packed Cards into Your Tableau

Most players make the mistake of trying to pack their cards into their free cells. However, this strategy can produce challenging outcomes later in the game. Instead, try using the tableau column.

This approach allows you to keep your cells free for extra mobility. Also, remember to spread your cards evenly. This even spread can create more chances for you to move cards.

7. Use the Undo Button

You may feel like the undo button is a cheating mechanism. However, it’s your best friend in many solitaire games.

You may think using the undo button is unnecessary if you plan ahead. However, even the most meticulous planner can have a thumb slip. That one slip could ruin your entire plan.

That’s why the undo button exists. Using this button allows you to undo the accidents and mistakes you make in the course of the game. You can find this button underneath the tableau in most free solitaire games.

However, relying on the undo button can take the fun out of a game. So, determine whether you made a good move by moving your tableau cards back and forth a few times. This step can help you determine whether the play was effective.

Finally, remember not to use all your free cells. Having only one free cell left can make the game challenging to win.

Find the Best Free Cell Solitaire Game Online

Android phones offer several opportunities to play a free cell solitaire game online. All you have to do is find the app that best suits your taste. Once you do, use these tips to have an easier shot at winning.

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