6 Tips for Playing the Best Free Classic Solitaire Games

According to recent Microsoft reports, over 35 million people play Microsoft Solitaire monthly. The game became instantly popular when Microsoft included it in their software over thirty years ago.

For many people, this game was an introduction to classic solitaire. However, even for those who’ve been playing for years, solitaire can be a challenging game. You may wonder if there are faster ways to win the game.

Fortunately, the answer to this question is yes! Several strategies can help you beat even the best free classic solitaire apps.

To help you get started, we’ll provide six tips that can help you take control of your solitaire games. These tips can be helpful to old hands and newcomers alike. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Master the Rules

Classic solitaire can be a complex game to understand. Many players understandably rush headlong into the game without knowing all the rules.

However, this approach rarely yields good results in any game. Imagine stepping onto a football field without knowing where to run the ball. You’ll likely get crushed!

So, first, familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. It often helps to find free solitaire games that walk you through the rules step-by-step.

Also, remember that even classic solitaire games can have varying rules. A strategy that works in a simplified app may not work on a more elaborate version of the game.

2. Have a Purpose For Every Move

Just because solitaire is a one-on-one game doesn’t mean you can blindly make moves. Instead, think of the game as a chess match. Every move you make should have a goal.

For example, don’t just move cards because you can. Instead, move a card to reveal more cards you can use. It also helps to move cards in columns with huge stacks behind the current face cards.

Whittling down large stacks can help you discover useful cards at faster rates. This way, you can build piles of revealed cards more quickly. Keeping tactics at the forefront of your mind can readily enhance your playing and help you win more games.

3. Avoid Emptying Tableau Spots Without a King

Classic solitaire requires you to place kings on empty spots in the tableau to win. To do so, you must first empty out card decks to create the empty places on the tableau.

However, many rookie games make the mistake of emptying tableau spots to remove cards. They don’t have a king to place in the newly cleared slot.

Why does this matter? Essentially, this space will block off an entire column of play until you unearth a King.

It could take several turns before you stumble across one of these cards in your other decks. In other words, it severely restricts your moves and makes winning difficult.

Also, consider which type of King you’d prefer to place on a spot. Choosing a red or black King is crucial in a solitaire game. The color of the King determines what color order this pile will have for the remainder of the game.

How can you make this decision? First, check what Queen and Jack cards you have. Their coloring can help you determine what color King to select.

Jacks and Queens of the same color make it easier to stack your cards throughout the game. So, use this information to decide what King color to use.

4. Learn Which Cards to Monitor

Some cards in solitaire can restrict your play options. Generally, the two most famous cards for this are Kings and Aces.

Most free solitaire versions specify rules for these two cards. First, players can never place a King on top of another card. Likewise, players cannot place a card on top of an Ace.

These rules impact several features of the game. It explains why only a King can go on empty spaces in the tableau. Likewise, it also means that a deck with an Ace on the top becomes unusable.

These aren’t the only factors that make a card worth monitoring, though. Other factors can make a card challenging to use well.

For example, Twos rarely help you move or reveal hidden cards. Aces have this downside.

So, look out for these cards in your decks. When you see Aces and Twos, place them into foundation piles as soon as possible. You can focus on more helpful cards with them out of the way.

5. Turn Up the First Deck Card First in Classic Solitaire

Many players make the mistake of building piles and moving cards on the tableau before they flip their first hidden card. This mistake can have several unfortunate consequences.

Flipping the first hidden card should always be your first move. Doing this can give an extra set of options as the game progresses.

These options affect how you build your foundation decks and your piles. You lose many of these options prematurely without flipping the first hidden card. As a result, it becomes much harder to win your solitaire deal.

6. Don’t Build Ace Stacks Every Time

It seems intuitive to move cards to your Ace foundations whenever possible. However, doing so too often can cause problems down the line. After all, you may eventually need the removed card to maneuver your piles on the tableau.

So, think carefully before throwing cards onto your Ace stacks. These cards could lock you into negative positions. It can even cause you to lose your deal.

Use These Strategies in the Best Free Classic Solitaire Apps

These strategies can help you win more often in many of the best free classic solitaire apps. Try them out the next time you play and see what results you get!

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