10 Free and Effective Language Learning Apps for Android

Learning a new language can be a difficult task, especially if you’re doing it alone. Luckily, many free and effective apps will help you learn to speak the language of your choice. In this blog post we have compiled 10 free and effective Android app options for learning languages from around the world!

1- Duolingo

A great app, Duolingo is a free and easy way to learn Spanish. The app has many different options for lessons that you can choose from based on your level of interest, including an audio course if you would prefer not to use the text option. This fun and interactive app is worth checking out! (Duoling page in Google Play Store)

2- Babbel

This fun and interactive app is also free, making it an easy choice to give a try. The language lessons are simple but engaging with lots of different options that can help you learn at your own pace. You’ll be able to practice what you have learned in the app through exercises as well! (Babbel in Google Play Store)

3- LinguaBrowse

A fun and unique way to learn Spanish, this free app allows you to browse the web in another language by using an interface that is easy to understand. You can simply click on a word or phrase from your browser and it will be translated into the language of your choice!

4- Tandem Language Exchange

Learn any number of languages with one simple application. By speaking with native speakers who are also learning your target language through Tandem’s messaging system, you’ll get plenty of daily practice while having fun at the same time! This great resource even includes a feature for practicing writing as well. The best part? It’s completely free! (Play Store Link)

5- HelloTalk

This amazing social network combines two useful features – a translation tool and a message board – to help you learn and practice a foreign language with ease. You can find people from all over the world who are learning your target language, making it a great place for finding conversation partners! (HelloTalk in Play Store)

6- Busuu

This app is also free, though it does offer in-app purchases for more features. Busuu offers 12 different languages for learners of all levels, providing plenty of variety and lessons that are tailored to your skill level. There’s even a speaking test so you can track your progress! (Play Store Link)

7- Drops: Learn 31 new languages

One of the most comprehensive language learning apps on the market today (and one of the priciest), Drops offers 31 different languages to choose from. With 15 minute lessons, this app is perfect for busy people who want to learn on the go. The lessons are bite-sized and easy to follow, making it a great choice for beginners!

8- LinguaLingua

This free app covers 12 languages, making it a great option for learners who are looking to expand their horizons. The lessons include both audio and visual components that help you learn through examples of native speakers as well as images. There is also an included dictionary which makes this one of the most useful language learning apps on our list! (Download it from Play Store)


This fun and interactive app is perfect for learners of all ages. With nine different languages to choose from, FluentU offers a variety of games and videos that will keep you entertained while you learn. The lessons are tailored to your skill level so that you can progress at your own pace! (Download it from Play Store)

And last but not least…

10- uTalk

This free app has an impressive number of language learning options, with 50+ languages to choose from. You’ll be able to find dictionaries, verb conjugations, and other tools to help you learn more effectively. There’s even a social network component so that you can connect with other language learners! (Download uTalk from Play Store)


So there you have it – our top ten picks for the best free language learning apps for Android! Each one is unique in its own way, so take a look and find the ones that suit you best. Best of luck to everyone who takes part in this year’s challenge – we can’t wait to see all your progress!

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