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Welcome to the world of Badminton 3d Mod Apk, This game is a fun and exciting way to learn about badminton with your friends.
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Welcome to the world of Badminton 3d Mod Apk, This game is a fun and exciting way to learn about badminton with your friends. With this badminton simulator, you can play through all of the different game types. This game has been designed for easy navigation and intuitive controls making it perfect for beginners as well as experts alike.

What is Badminton 3d Mod Apk

Badminton 3D Mod Apk is a free game that you can play on your Android phone. The game has been developed by the company YNK Studios, who also developed other games like Soccer 3D Mod Apk and Cricket World Cup 2019.

This game has been released for both Android and iOS devices in 2019, but only for Indian users who live in India can download it from Google Play Store or App Store respectively because this game is not available anywhere else except this country.

Badminton 3d Mod Apk Gameplay

Badminton 3D Mod Apk is a very popular game developed by PlayHaven. In this game, you can play with your friends or family members. This game has three different modes such as normal mode, challenge mode and multiplayer mode.

The normal mode allows you to play against other players online or offline but if you want more fun then there is another option called challenge mode where your opponent will be using some special skills like reverse spin or drop shot etc., when playing this game in multiplayer mode then all of these skills will be applied on both players so that both of them can win the match easily without any problem at all.

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Best Badminton 3d Mod Apk Features

In this game, you can play the best badminton 3d mod apk with unlimited money. The game has a lot of features like in real life and it is very interesting to play.


Career Mode is the most popular mode in Badminton 3D. It’s a mode where you can play as a player and win in tournaments. There are many tournaments in career mode, so you can choose your own team and coach. You can also customize your player by choosing their skin color, clothes style and accessories.


BADMINTON LEAGUE is a fun and challenging part of game that lets you play against your friends, or play against bots. You can challenge them to a match, or try to beat their score. If you’re feeling competitive, we have also included a leaderboard for all players who are active on the app.

We hope that this app will help in improving your skills on badminton and make it easy for anyone to enjoy playing this sport.


  • Tournament mode is a type of competition in which you can play against other players and achieve better scores.
  • The tournament will start when the player wins their first match.
  • After winning a match, you will be able to choose how many games you want to play before moving on to the next opponent. If there are no more opponents left in the tournament, then it’s over and your winnings will be credited as usual (e.g., if someone finishes first overall).

Nice graphics

The graphics are nice, and the controls are easy to master.

Easy to play

The game is easy to learn, play and master. It has a very intuitive control system that allows you to move the paddle with just one finger while playing on your smartphone or tablet screen. You can even play this badminton game with your friends!

The controls are quite simple: tap on the screen of your mobile device when you want to hit the ball or return it back at any time during its flight path.

Unlocked everything

Unlimited coins:

  • Unlock all characters, courts, and tournaments.
  • Unlock all game modes.


We hope you like this badminton 3d mod apk. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.



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