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Androdumpper apk is an Android app that allows you to view wifi passwords and access the internet. The app has two methods to join wifi.
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Androdumpper apk is an Android app that allows you to view wifi passwords and access the internet. The app has two different methods for accessing the internet, one being easy and comfortable for you to use, while the other requires more work on your part in order to get your password as well as find out which network it belongs to.

What is Androdumpper Apk

Androdumpper Apk is an application that allows you to access your wifi networks. It is not compatible with any rooted devices.

Download the app on your Android device and then open it up. You will see a white screen with several options on it, including “Add Wifi.” Tap this option and then enter the password of your wifi network in the text box below it (make sure you type it correctly). After doing this, you should be able to connect to any available networks!

Best androdumpper apk Features

  • Best androdumpper apk features:
  • It can be used to remove all the advertising apps, games and other non-intrusive ads.

Wifi access 

Wifi access is one of the major features of Androdumpper. It allows you to use your phone as a hotspot, and share it with other devices such as PCs and laptops. Before setting up this feature, you must ensure that your device is rooted. Then go ahead and follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > About Phone > Software Information > Build Number
  • Tap Build Number seven times (it will say ‘You are now a developer’)
  • Go back into Settings > Developer Options > Enable USB Debugging Mode

Two different methods to have access to the wifi networks

  • Use the “Connect” button to connect to the wifi networks.
  • Use the “Select Network” button to select a given network. If you want more than one network, then tap on it and wait for it to connect before tapping again on Connect or Select Network.

Easy to use

The App is easy to use, you just have to click on the button that says “Enter” in order to start playing. After that, you can choose between different modes of play and start gaming.

How to Download and Install AndroDumpper APK

Download and install AndroDumpper APK.

Open the app and enable root access.

Allow superuser permissions to continue with your device, as it will be useful for installing apps and custom ROMs on your smartphone or tablet.

Press Connect button to start downloading updates from Google Play Store automatically.

Final Tought

Androdumpper apk is a variety of Android application that helps you to get the access to your wifi network. It is very easy to use and it has many features which will help you in your work.



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